Frutas Hijo de Antonio Hernández is an Enterprise engaged in the production and market of fresh fruit. It is an enterprise that counts with years of experience and family tradition in the fresh fruit area.

It was started in 1877 by Antonio Hernández Gil and the activity was continued by his widow, Antonia Melús Andaluz. Some years later, it was their son,Antonio Hernández Melus who assume the charge of the company. Ramón and Angel, brothers of Antonio joined the company as business partners.

After the passing of Antonio Hernandez, his two brothers were let in charge of the company and it was not until 1985 that his nephew joined the company, creating the S.A.T. Nº6367 devoted to produce and commercialize high quality fresh fruit.

Nowadays Jesus Angel Hernández is managing the enterprise and the company is known as Frutas Hijo de Antonio Hernández, S.L.

We always offer high quality fruit,and this fact has been supporting us for a long time in the Mercado de la Plaza Cebada, Mercado de Legazpi and currently in Mercamadrid where we have been capable of achieving a high market share. We have united uniformity and homogeneity in the process of selling, regarding the competitiveness market imposed by the European area, positioning the variety of water pear as water pear, conference pear, peaches, cherries, plums and so on...

We also sell and offer our fruits in the most popular markets in Spain such as Mercabarna, Mercabilbao, Mercavalencia and Mercasevilla. At the same time we also trade with different countries pertaining to the European Union.

We have our own production of water pear and ercolini. Our lands and crops are situated in Embid de la Ribera and it is a remarkable fact that all of them count with a Globalgap certification.

Our sign of identity of our fruit. We always work taking into account safety and heath rules. We guarantee a high level of satisfaction in our customers.


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