Our production value has been increased thanks to the excellent work in our lands, and also in the process of handling and packing.

We take responsability or our fruit since the tree planting to the delivery to our customer.

We follow good agricultural practices, always advised and supervised by our agricultural engineer. We also give some recommendations and implementations to our farmers, as this is the only way to achieve the high level of quality.

The process of selection and packaging is carry out by qualified personnel who have been trained in the fields of fruit handling.

All materials are suitable for the task and we also carry our some tests to our suppliers, in order to check if they are complying the agreed rules.

Our freezer warehouses are equipped with the lastest cooling systems in such way that we achieve an optimum conservation of the fruit, supervised and controlled by qualified professionals. They carry out some test to avoid any change of the product, including hygienic and sanitary issues.

The fruit is always supervised by our quality department whose responsible in is Jose Andres Melendo who monitors and controls that the damaged and defective fruits are out of our lines.

We count with the Globalgap certification and we follow the protocols BRC e ISO 9001 guaranteeing traceability and food safety.

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